Toxic Bridezilla Outed By Wedding Planner For BS Facebook Review

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    Text - o00 AT&T 48%D+ 5:49 PM Events& Promotions 2 hrs They suck and are so rude!! They rushed us to do the bouquet toss when we weren't even ready to do it yet!! Ughhhh!!! Save yourself some stress and choose someone else!! Like Share Comment Be the first person to like this.
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    Text - Events& Promotions 2 hrs Thank you so much, for showing your true colors for everyone to see. We were going to let your disaster of a wedding slide but since you decided to initiate a negative comment, we are certainly willing to reply. For the record, we have conducted over 360 events and worked with well over 200 brides and have had nothing but great events and satisfied clients and hundreds of referrals in our 10 years of business. Until your wedding rolled ever had cale
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    Text - deal with such an incompetent, discourteous, and evasive bride/groom/ client, etc... and have never felt that getting paid was going to be an issue, again, until we were graced with your wed ding. We spoke to several of your vendors from that day and all mentioned having issues with getting paid correctly and/or on time per their contracts. We spent several days instructing you where or how to pay us as if you'd never experienced a monetary transaction in your youthful, immature existence
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    Text - Events & Promotions 2 hrs Secondly, let me lay out your ludicrous timeline for all to understand what we were dealing with. You were adamant about having only a 2 hour reception and made it crystal clear that if you book us from 4-6, we will start playing music for your guests at 4:00 and that your reception would end at 6:00. Your guests began arriving before 3:00 and waited well over 2 hours for the bride and groom to show up, which is the rudest thing we have
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    Text - ever seen at a wedding. So, 4:00 was your start time, you showed up at 5:17. Let me help you with the math here. That left you with 43 minutes for first dances, dinner, 5 speeches from bridesmaids and cake cutting and sparklers during daylight ( reiterate incompetent). I don't know anyone who works for free, and we most certainly do not as our time is valuable and you were educated thoroughly on what to expect from us. Maybe at your next event, when you have only 30 guests attend again as


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