20 Crucial Common-Sense Tips That Are WAY Too Often Overlooked

  • 1
    Stock photo of a guy talking on his cell phone when a cashier is waiting for him to make his order

    "If you're first in line for anything, don't be this a**hole" - Tuuky

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    Pic of a guy standing on the left side of the escalator

    "Stand on the right, pass on the left. And if you have something large (like a suitcase), place it in front of or behind you" - Tuuky

  • 3
    Gross pic of a guy chewing some green food with his mouth open

    "Mastication is part of the digestive process and an internal system.  Open mouth chewing shouldn't happen past the age of 3-4 at most" - Tuuky

  • 4

    "Headphones on means I'm not up for a conversation. This also applies if I'm reading a book. I understand this can be a tough one, but after initial contact, you can usually get a pretty good read on someone's level of interest in continuing an interaction" - Tuuky

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  • 5

    "If you only remember one thing from this post, let this be it. Never, NEVER be a d*ck to someone handling the food you're about to eat. By no means most waiters/waitresses will do anything to jeopardize their job, but you may just get the one who might. You can always provide polite feedback without risking tasting the kitchen floor" - Tuuky

  • 6
    Street fashion - W

    "If you live in a city with crowded, busy sidewalks, 'pull over' to text, take photos, etc, as you would (and should) while driving. I mean, unless you like people running into your backside from time to time" - Tuuky

  • 7

    "Getting in and out of the tube, subway, bus, can be a heart-attack inducing event, but, simply put, if there are hordes of people still trying to get out, you should stand out of the way and give them space to do so before gunning for that one open seat you're not gonna get, anyway" - Tuuky

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  • 8

    "Most places have laws that dictate the distance you should dim your bright lights when passing an oncoming vehicle or approaching one from the rear. A good rule of thumb is, if you can see the driver, you're too late" - Tuuky

  • 9
    Event - SEATORS

    "Lifts, elevators... read above" - Tuuky

  • 10
    People - Ttrtrttttrttt

    "For the lads, I know there's an intricate system, detailed elsewhere, of urinal rules and etiquette, so here's a link to a fun tutorial. Practice this sh*t. Http://" - Tuuky

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  • 11

    "I know this a tough one but have you noticed there are other f*cking people in this world besides you? I know, right? People > your sh*t" - Tuuky

  • 12

    "Just don't do this sh*t here" - Tuuky

  • 13
    Product - $1 53 Low Ruters dg Lays Oagsic 14 Wavy Wavy

    "If you're always wondering where all the workers at the shop are, they're busy putting away the sh*t you scattered around" - Tuuky

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  • 14

    This is just mean.

  • 15
    Metal - eN

    "This also applies to urinals" - Tuuky

  • 16
    Transport - 1EET ALL PARK STREET

    "Hold doors open for strangers if they're at a talking distance to you. And if they do the same, say f*cking 'thank you.' Don't nod, don't wait for the last person to say it. Open your mouth and enunciate the words" - Tuuky

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  • 17
    Product - re rota Colgace Tote sh hasa nically prid mula Cldren profess works b th surf h a Its fom helps p bcter reapngfor tyeating protinbarrieuh and gums ting plap becteria on ould have only a pea Nor Swallow and rinse thore Col Clinically Pr ACTNEING NET 12g

    "This one's a bit more intimate. It shouldn't take you more than 30 seconds to run this under some warm water" - Tuuky

  • 18
    Vehicle - LOW PRICES


  • 19

    "The inside of your elbow is the best place to aim for a sneeze. If at a restaurant, make sure you face away from the food as well" - Tuuky

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  • 20

    "Lastly, don't text and drive, please. Ever. You'll kill yourself or, worse, me" - Tuuky


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