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The Internet is Here to Help You Make Sense of the Oregon Standoff With Humorous Hashtags #YallQaeda and #YeeHawd

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    These People Are Serious About Their Cause

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    This is a real quote from a man involved in the standoff.
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    But They've Obviously Been Following the Wrong Bundy

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    If You're Confused About the Situation Don't Worry, Twitter Has All the Answers

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    Why Take Over a Bird Sanctuary?

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    Simple, it's where you start the #YeeHawd
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    Why are They Doing This?

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    Who Are These People?

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    Why Aren't They Being Called Terrorists for Taking Over a Government Building?

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    They aren't terrorists, they're "All-American", silly.
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    What's Next For #VanillaISIS?

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    Officials haven't shown up yet to break up the occupation of the militia, however it seems like the group is quickly running out of snacks!
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    They've Already Put Out a Desperate Plea for Supplies on Facebook

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    So Far This is The Plan to End the Standoff

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