You May Have Heard That #YallQaeda is in Need of Snacks. Well, The Internet is Here to Help

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    Some People Were Very Understanding

    Text - HandleTaken 1018 points 19 hours ago To be fair- I always stocked up on ammo and never stocked up on food when playing Oregon Trail too. permalink source save-RES hide child comments H JohnGillnitz 230 points 15 hours ago I'm sure they are about to die of dysentery permalink source save-RES parent
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    This Guy Even Designed a Flag to Help the Cause

    Text - Ammon Bundy @Ammon_Bundy 16h We have no intentions of using force upon anyone, but if force is used against us we will defend ourselves. #OccupyMalheur Memeographs @memeographs Follow Also, please send snacks. Getting weak, very weak. (And NO Mooslim food!) #YallQaeda @Ammon_Bundy #OccupyMalheur 4:46 AM - 5 Jan 2016 Brooklyn, NY, United States PLEASE SEND SNACKS
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    Someone Always Has to Go For the Sweet Puns

    Hard candy - SOLLY grammar peronist 98 points 17 hours ago I guess they're running out of... Jolly Ranchers. JOLuy RANC lRCANCHOR HAR AND ANC JOLLY BWER RALLY PO JOLLY RANCHER
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    You Can Still Be Anti-Government and Pro-Snacks, Right?

    Product - Kevin Murphy @bigrightfoot Follow The Oregon occupiers need snacks and apparently are asking for supplies to be sent...via mail. The mail that the government delivers. 10:28 PM -4 Jan 2016 62A
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    How Thoughtful!

    Adaptation - Charley Kaye @charley_ck14 Follow I heard #YallQaeda was asking for snacks so I baked you a pie. #Oregon 4:23 AM-5 Jan 2016
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    This Kind Soul is Offering Up the Good Stuff

    Snack - 0 ran Pat APSNAC RAPSNACKS CHEE 6un 99 Rending is fwndan Stay in scheel 0-quin with my AONEN Sweetn'B FLAVORED CHEESE CURLS NET N3592 FLAVORED CHIPS NET WE 2.75 w pauly casillas @PaulyPeligroso Follow Sending the oregon militiamen snacks. Stay strong, guys! 5:41 AM -5 Jan 2016
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    BRB, Going to Wal-Mart for Cheesy Poofs, Then Back to Fighting Tyranny

    Facial hair - David Roberts Follow @drvox "Revolting against tyranny. Please send snacks." 11:42 PM - 3 Jan 2016
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    But This Woman Knows What the Movement Really Needs

    Food - Van Plexico Follow @VanAllenPlexico The militia in Oregon is asking people to bring them snacks. My wife: "Maybe take them bran muffins so they can be well- regulated." 3:19 AM -5 Jan 2016
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