Twitter's Sexy Obsession With the 'Making a Murderer' Defense Attorney Shows That Everyone Wants a Hero

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    First of All, There's an @SexyDeanStrang Twitter Profile

    Text - Sexy Dean Strang @sexydeanstrang 14h #tmw you se bae but remember that what ails our criminal justice system is unwarranted certitude. #MakingAMurderer
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    And His Pickup Lines Will Make You Swoon

    Text - Sexy Dean Strang @sexydeanstrang 26m Is this seat taken? Or is it like the liberty of every inmate unjustly prosecuted by our flawed criminal justice system?
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    Text - Dana Wickens Follow @danawickens I want a Jerry Buting in the streets and a Dean Strang in the sheets ) #MakingAMurderer 3:08 AM -29 Dec 2015
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    Text - Sexy Dean Strang @sexydeanstrang 20h Netflix and chill? Because you will definitely find the gross misconduct of the Manitowoc County sheriffs department chilling.
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    With His Immutable Sense of Justice, It's No Wonder the Ladies Love Him

    Text - Alex Dauoust @dauoust2dauoust 30 Dec 2015 Dean Strang...more like Dream Strang #strangcrush
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    Text - Sexy Dean Strang @sexydeanstrang Follow God broke the mold when he made you. Also broken: the criminal justice system. 5:18 AM - 5 Jan 2016
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    Text - Stevie Thicks Follow @manymanywords If I had one of those lists of celebrities you're allowed to bone with impunity, I would put heartthrob Dean Strang on it. 5:33 AM - 26 Dec 2015
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    But Let's Not Forget About Jerry Buting, Strang's Sexy Sidekick

    Fictional character - Evan @gordonevan 30 Dec 2015 @MichelleLiTV If not, it should be. He hung the moon of judicial hope. The hero of #MakingAMurderer. #StrangCrush R HSTRANGCRUSH
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    If You Haven't Seen the Show Yet, Here's a Stunning Image of the Two Heartthrobs

    Pink - LOVEIT COOL GUY Gir JUST. GRUsh SAIN SAYIN Kate Briquelet @kbriquelet Follow What Twitter looks like right now. #MakingAMurderer 4:32 AM - 29 Dec 2015 Brooklyn, NY, United States

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