Diablo 2 Producer Absolutely Lays It Down In Twitter Rant

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    Text - Mark Kern @Grummz Blizzard gamers are not smugly "entitled." Nor are they toxic, and they most certainly are not made about a mobile version of Diablo because they hates the wemyzn (the craziest blue-check theory I've seen so far) 5:12 PM Nov 4, 2018 Twitter Web Client 689 Retweets 2.7K Likes @Grummz 23h Mark Kern Replying to @Grummz Since I was producer on Diablo 2, a lot of people have been asking for my thoughts on the whole "Diablo Immortal" fiasco. I hate to say it, but what you are
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    Text - Mark Kern@Grummz 23h There is nothing wrong with having a mobile version of Diablo. In fact, I would have wanted one as an option. But the way it was hinted at, and presented, and the failure of Blizzard management to predict the backlash caught me my surprise. Blizzard used to be really gamer driven 22 172 1.4K Mark Kern @Grummz 23h Blizzard coyly played up the Diablo hype, which is a good move, but failed to anticipate that their PC based audience was going to expec...wel...a PC based a
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    Text - Mark Kern @Grummz 23h But what is really telling, is that this*surprised* them. They were expecting backlash, but they didn't have a plan for it. They didn't predict the wave. Any Diablo gamer could have simply TOLD you what would happen if you asked. 7 ti119 1.1K @Grummz 23h Mark Kern Blizzard never used to have to ask, because it was made up of hard core gamers from top to bottom. We used to say we were our own harshest audience for our games. I would have had a line of devs outside my
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    Text - Mark Kern Maybe you don't know better, anymore, Blizzard. Maybe you've really lost touch with gamers and you are now in some billion dollar a year ivory tower. That needs some reflection on your part. Because that's out big businesses fail. @Grummz 23h . Remember Nokia? Remember Blockbuster Video? t 117 1K 19 @Grummz 23h Mark Kern Today's devs needs to talk to gamers all the time. Game dev has gotten so big it's easy to lose touch. Many devs stop playing games as they start making them pr
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    Comics - BIZANY ENTERTADNMENT Did we mess up by partnering with EA'S shittier asian cousin to create are-skinned version of one of their knock-offs of our beloved game franchise, on mobile phones, laden with microtransactions and then announcing it to a convention center full of die-hard PC gamers like a major release? BIZARD ENTERTAUNMENT No,it's the 400,000 dislikes and counting not including the ones from before we deleted and re-uploaded the trailer twice, on our release trailer who are wron
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