27 Clever Tweets For Bored People

  • 1
    tweet post about being one day and asking for olive garden
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  • 2
    tweet post about thinking about chick-fil-a and then getting ads for it
  • 3
    tweet post about ways to get a guy to stop hitting on you by:@beingbernz
  • 4
    tweet post about getting a dollar every time you hit a curb
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  • 5
    post about "sound of silence song" and why it's dark at 4pm
  • 6
    post about working until you can afford a giraffe
  • 7
    tweet post about telling uber drivers to "follow that car"
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  • 8
    tweet post about post malones real account asking if a meatball is a fruit
  • 9
    tweet post about getting stuck in a jungle gym on a first date
  • 10
    tweet post about a girlfriend realizing her boyfriend only has 2 shirts
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  • 11
    ariana grande tweet post about updating your boyfriend throughout the day
  • 12
    meme tweet about being scared of your mom the most when you were younger
  • 13
    meme tweet about regretting drinking coffee
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  • 14
    tweet post about saying 'i'm fucking a lot' at family dinners are unacceptable
  • 15
    tweet post about not having an addiction to juuls but life is a mess
  • 16
    post about thinking lbs is pronounced libs
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  • 17
    tweet post about a kid who's crying in a life jacket and his family doesn't own a boat
  • 18
    tweet post about thinking a fist bump meant the person was holding out a microphone to you
  • 19
    meme post about 3 dogs in a circle just like the scene from the office
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  • 20
    post about repeating sentences to your husband and him not remembering it
  • 21
    meme post about physically abusing drugs if the doctor asks you in front of your mom
  • 22
    tweet post about going to sleep very early compared to when you were 18
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  • 23
    tweet post about going to the kitchen and realizing you're the only snack in the house
  • 24
    post about feeling ugly at a hair salon when your hair is wet and slicked back
  • 25
    post about realizing your boyfriend never asked you to be his girlfriend by: @that1mum
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  • 26
    tweet post about someone putting "i bone my dog" sticker on their car
  • 27
    post about getting someone who thinks you're always gorgeous


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