See a Service Dog in Action While He Comforts His Owner

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The woman in this video has Asperger's syndrome, a type of high-functioning autism spectrum disorder. Her name is Danielle Jacobs and she's chosen to publicly post this video of her having what she calls a "meltdown" in order to promote understanding for this condition.

She explained her decision to Buzzfeed News saying this:

 “What I’d like the public to know is that child or adult in a store screaming or kicking and crying may not [be] having a tantrum because he’s not getting his or her way – it may be because the lights are hurting him because it’s too bright, the smells in the store [are] too strong, and it’s too loud for his ears, and the only way to express himself is through a meltdown.”

According to the description in her video, Jacobs trained her dog Sampson as a service dog to respond to situations like this one. Now this obedient Rottweiler will intervene and provide comfort when she needs it most. 

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