This Kid Who Loves the Kazoo Makes Me Feel Dead Inside

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    Someone resurfaced this old 90s video of young kazoo lover Brett Ambler, and it's only possible to have two responses to it: good old fashioned joy or unbridled hatred. I guess there's always apathy, but for those of us who can still feel, it's hard not to have a strong response to this little dude. There's even a 25 minute sing-along, if that kind of thing floats your boat/fuels your rage:
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    Anyway, Kazoo Kid has become something of a meme over the years, most recently blowing up on Facebook as the "kid on some next level s**t." But he's been around for a while, appearing in MLG and TYP style videos that we truly deserve for letting this surface.
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    Brett's all grown up now and he's on Twitter, available to chat with fans, presumably when he's not dealing with the repercussions of a childhood full of this^^.
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    Do you want to be his forever special friend?


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