20 Creative Teachers That Actually Make School Enjoyable

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    “My chemistry teacher glued her calculators to bricks so they couldn’t be stolen.”

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    “Every time I see pictures in my students’ notebooks, I can’t help but add something with my red pen.”

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    “My teacher holds up a picture of his own face to make sure no student is lost during a fire drill.”

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    “New people joined our art class, so instead of printing out a new copy of the class, our teacher just drew them.”

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    “My arts and crafts teacher made a graveyard for misused tools.”

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  • 6

    “My English teacher can balance an office chair on his chin.”

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  • 7

    “My Japanese teacher goes all out every Halloween.”

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  • 8

    “My cooking teacher pinned this poor pizza to the blackboard.”

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  • 9

    “On Valentine’s Day, one of my teachers puts hearts all over the school with everyone’s name on them for us to find.”

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    Teacher spends 70 hours creating incredible ’Harry Potter’ themed classroom

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  • 11

    “My HS science teacher laid on a bed of nails and let someone smash a cinderblock on another bed of nails on top of him.”

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  • 12

    “So we lost a ball today in gym class, this is how my gym teacher tried to get it down.”

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  • 13

    “My cousin is a science teacher. He built a hover craft for his students.”

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  • 14

    “So my algebra teacher is a huge LOTR fan.”

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  • 15

    “My chemistry teacher has a periodic table made of QR codes.”

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  • 16

    This music teachers’ office has a unique knocking rhythm to summon a specific teacher.

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  • 17

    “My art teacher from grade school painted her door over the summer.”

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  • 18

    “My Spanish teacher makes everyone put their phones in a pouch before class.”

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  • 19

    “I teach art at a middle school. During my free time, I like to draw pictures on my chalkboard for my students. This one’s from this semester.”

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  • 20

    Teacher Has Personalized Handshakes With Every Single One of Her Students


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