Guy Almost Gets Fired After Making Girl He Likes At Work Laugh Dangerously Hard

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    Text - So there's this girl I like at work, and we're really good friends. We're having lunch and we're making those ironic depression meme jokes as most friends do. For some reason I (in my unknowingly-stupid way to get her laugh) got the idea to say "Well hey, you know what's just one letter away from sad? DAB!" and promptly did the deed. Also I have ability to cry on demand so I just stared stone-cold her and let two tears fall down. She finds it funny. Extremely funny. So funny she drops to
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    Text - And in the exact second, my manager randomly decides to come in and sees this big guy towering over this poor little girl on the floor. I only manage to cut off her impending rage by saying I think she's having a seizure and I'm calling 911. Fortunately, I was able to explain to her what happened after the ambulance came. Turns out she has asthma, and my joke caused a flare-up, and was waving her arms to try to tell me to get her inhaler. Whoops. TL;DR. Made I joke with a girl that ended
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    And there's the necessary, dark-humored joke to cap it all off.

    Text - Physical1337 3h At least she would've died happy


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