Employee Makes Cringeworthy Discovery That His Pregnant Boss Is An Anti-Vaxxer

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    Text - So I just started in this company a few weeks back. I'm your typical shy person that in the first few weeks doesn't say much and really needs some time to get comfortable with the new situation and new people. Starting this job it was no different. Now, a few weeks later I'm starting to feel comfortable around everyone and also starting to make jokes and joining non-work related discussions between co-workers. Somehow we
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    Text - landed on the topic of old diseases that nowadays barely occur. My manager named a few and I said that the ones she mentioned actually still exist in other less developed parts of the world. Then I jokingly said, 'And nowadays you don't know, with the rise of brain dead anti-vaxx moms we might be again introduced to all kinds of weird and ancient diseases. ...
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    Text - My co-workers all cracked a laugh, but the look on my managers face said it all and there was instant regret from my side. She raised her voice and started firing questions asking anti-vaxx moms are brain dead, rambling about the vaccines being the cause of autism and the pharma industry is trying to control the mind and body of her coming baby. It was one blasting tirade, about how she is woke and shit. I guess the coming year will be one really interesting one for me. TL:DR Joked about
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    And then this person comes in with another joke about the whole anti-vaxxer movement...

    Text - LOudAsH31l 2d I don't believe in letting kids wear jackets. Jackets are products shilled to us by Big Jacket industry to make us dependent on harmful pieces of polyester and wool that can cause schizophrenia after wearing them, this has been shown by many studies. When it's -90 degrees outside you should just send your naked child outside into the snow, the human body has natural oils on the skin that will protect and warm the body; wearing jackets are very harmful and strip these necessa
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    Text - I feel so bad when I see warmly bundled children outside because their parents are just asking them to grow up schizophrenic. I've started a group on Facebook for moms who are anti- jackets, PM me if you want to be invited. So far none of our kids have caught any schizophrenia so far, which is a huge success. A lot of them have died from hypothermia though, which is just a random strange occurrence we probably never will understand.


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