10 Seemingly Ordinary Things That Would Get You Arrested In A Foreign Country

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    Collecting seashells in Thailand

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    Russian tourists bought some souvenirs from the local market and were taken into custody and faced real jail time. The girls opted to pay $2,000 each rather than spend a whole year in jail because of buying some seashells.

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    Feeding fish in Thailand

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    Also in Thailand, it is prohibited to feed the living fish in the ocean. A tourist was arrested when she was trying to feed colorful fish to take a picture with them. She was released later thanks to the help of diplomats but she had to pay a fine anyway. You can be imprisoned up to a 1 year for feeding the fish. 

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    Carrying cards on you in Thailand

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    A local law released in 1935 prohibits the possession of more than 120 playing cards. So you can be imprisoned if you're caught with more than 2 card decks or if you have become a suspect of gambling.

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    Swearing in Australia

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    In Queensland and Victora, swearing in public can lead to imprisonment for up to 6 months.

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    Connecting to another person’s Wi-Fi in Singapore

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    You should be very careful when choosing a Wi-Fi network in Singapore. If you connect to an open Wi-Fi spot without notifying its owner, according to local laws, this action can be considered a hacker attack. You can be punished with 3 years of imprisonment for this offense.

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    Bringing medicine to Japan

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    Many drugs are prohibited in Japan including those that can be ingredients in flu and cold medicines. Pay close attention to the list of prohibited substances before your vacation if you want to avoid getting arrested at the airport.

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    Eating a poppy cake and flying to Dubai

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    If you're going to UAE, you should be ready for a close examination at the airport. Even small things can become a reason for an arrest. A Swiss citizen who flew to Dubai was imprisoned for 4 years because of his untidiness. He got such a long sentence because police officers found 3 poppy seeds on his clothes that were left there when he ate some cake at Heathrow airport.

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    Dabbing in Saudi Arabia

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    Dabbing has been prohibited here because local authorities believe that it reminds people of the side effects of using illicit drugs. Not so long ago, a Saudi singer was arrested because he tried to imitate these worldwide famous moves.

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    Spitting in Florida, US

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    In a small Lackland town, since 1944, it's been officially prohibited to spit in any public place. Despite the fact that a young American didn't know about his law, he had to spend some time in jail while his case was investigated.

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    Giving food to the homeless in Florida, US

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    This law is so strict that even a 90-year-old priest from a local church was arrested for 2 months because he cooked and gave away food to people in need. A person can do such charity only in special places and after getting an official permit from the local authorities.


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