Brother With Heart Of Gold Builds A Jungle For His Late Brothers Bengals That He Adopted

This brother with a heart of gold is going viral. When his little brother passed, he took it upon himself to adopt his brothers two Bengal cats, Benji and Nala. Not only did he take in the cats, but he also took it a step further and created a cat jungle, within this basement, in honor of his brother and in order to provide the best he can for his brother's beloved cats. See and read the complete story and transformation here.

He managed to create this paradise jungle all on his own with no knowledge or experience, stating, "I know this probably will look quite amateur, and that's honestly because it completely is. Going into this project, I had literally zero experience doing anything I did, I just knew I wanted to do something awesome for my little brother and his cats."

A GoFundMe page has been created to help create an everlasting paradise for these beautiful cats.

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    "Framework all done. Part of the basement had already been framed when I moved in."

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    "Electrical done with outlets in only select places. The house electrical was framed off and made into a mini room to make sure the cats couldn't get to it or hurt themselves."

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    "Drywalling starts, and not only is it exhausting, we were insanely bad at it"

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    Jungle sounds

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    "Wires hidden. I also installed 4 ceiling speakers to play jungle sounds throughout the basement."

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    Stars in memory

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    "Second half of his stars, I did my best to recreate a picture of him I know he loved."

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    Small cave

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    "Before finishing the ceiling (we were a little all over the place) I started planning out shelves, and cut a small little cave for the cats to go in between the walls up high."

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    "Shelves start going up to see what they will look like, and marking their spots"

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    Wall carpeting

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    "What I call the "shit pit" set up on a rug so that it could be easily cleaned if needed."

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    "Finished water feature area. The plants on the right are real, and called Boston Ferns, which was insanely fitting (and why I bought them)."

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    Coming together

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    "Shelf made and air filter placed above the shit pit to eliminate any smell ... Buying toys, and other premade cat furniture. Also installed a hammock for me to lay in when hanging out with the cats." 

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    Move in day!

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    "Benji and Nala move in!"

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    "Nala getting comfy"

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    "Benji loves the wall cave"

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    The end result

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    RIP Boston

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    "This is my little brother Boston. I did all of this for him. I love you buddy. The pain hasn't stopped for a single second since you left."

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