10 Viral Art Fails of 2018 That Are Masterpieces of Crap

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    This Dee Reynolds Beyoncé

    Hair - Ama Scriver Follow @amascriver According to the curators of the wax museum in Niagara Falls, this is Beyoncé. Sence
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    Face - CBS News Follow @CBSNews Amateur sketch from witness helps Pa. police identify theft suspect
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    Sculpture - baN belN SPORTS USA Follow @belNSPORTSUSA A new @MoSalah statue was unveiled today... And it's different?
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    Dog breed - alex Follow @cvbiclesdemo I regret trying to take a cute panorama of my dog
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    Text - CNN CAN Follow @CNN Changes to a 16th-century polychrome statue of San Jorge (St George) provoked anger among some art experts and inevitable comparisons to another botched restoration -the Ecce Homo fresco of Jesus
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    Text - BU Birmingham Updates Follow @BhamUpdates Birmingham-based artist Askelovic - better known as Aspencrow - has handcrafted a 100kg sculpture of Connor McGregor for the boxers 30th Birthday.
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    Facial hair - Court Follow @courtdanee2 This doll is supposed to be Idris? Somebody getting fired
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    Text - FOX Fox News NEWS ShanselFoxNews Follow City officials in Savannah, Georgia say it's no laughing matter that someone glued googly eyes to a Revolutionary War monument. Now they're looking for the culprit behind it. erte
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