29 'Star Wars' Sh*tposts For All The Prequel Freaks

  • 1
    prequel meme about Revenge of the Sith being based off a Lego Star Wars movie
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  • 2
    prequel meme assigning roles for every Star Wars trios, with Anakin getting every role in the prequels
  • 3
    meme comparing Grand Moff Tarkin in "A New Hope" and his CGI model in "Rogue One"
  • 4
    roll safe meme with Obi Wan realizing Alderaan has been destroyed
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  • 5
    expanding brain meme about Jar Jar Binks' speech
  • 6
    meme of Mark Hamill as Luke revealing himself in "A New Hope" and greeted by Tommy Wiseau
  • 7
    pic of Christopher Lee getting knighted above pic of the queen with Palpatine's face photoshopped on her, mimicking Count Dooku's death scene
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  • 8
    expanding brain meme about the actions of the Empire over the Star Wars movies
  • 9
    meme merging scenes of Kylo Ren and Indiana Jones together
  • 10
    meme about Sith lords being Obi Wan's specialty with pic of him as a chef holding Palpatine's head on a plate
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  • 11
    meme of Palpatine as King George II
  • 12
    prequel meme of Padme reacting to Anakin telling her he dreamed about her
  • 13
    Cheezburger Image 9252622592
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  • 14
    meme about Palpatine fighting Jedis when they come to arrest him with pic of Arthur's clenched fist holding a lighsaber
  • 15
    meme making the exchange between Obi Wan and Grievous about musical instruments
  • 16
    prequel meme about how Count Dooku trained Grievous to use lightsabers
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  • 17
    prequel meme with Obi Wan telling child Anakin he will get burnt one day
  • 18
    prequel meme about Anakin's powers doubling
  • 19
    prequel meme about Palpatine being unusually agile for his age
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  • 20
    Anakin and Palpatine fighting the Jedi counsel in a Pokemon battle
  • 21
    meme about the silly shooting faces various Star Wars characters have shown in the movies
  • 22
    meme about Anakin letting Mace Windu die with pic of him rolling his car's window up
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  • 23
    Netflix and Chill meme with Palpatine giving Anakin a look
  • 24
    meme about the stormtroopers in Star Wars dying from single shots
  • 25
    prequel meme about Obi Wan making a pun and being proud of it
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  • 26
    meme about Darth Vader learning from his past mistakes when Luke has the high ground on him
  • 27
    prequel meme about Anakin succumbing easily to the dark side
  • 28
    meme about Luke suggesting Kit Fisto the green alien was the most powerful Jedi
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  • 29
    meme about Anakin, Palpatine and Obi Wan all dying on Death Stars


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