15 Tweets That Sum Up That Weird Limbo Between Christmas & New Years

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    Text - eric curtin @dubstep4dads me: my grandpa died guy who takes cbd: he should try cbd oil. works so good for me i swear by it. u can vape it or even eat it like in edible form me: he's dead
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    Text - k @44rielly now we're in the what day is it part of the holidays between christmas and new years Whr GIF 5:18 PM 12/26/18 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Andie Case @AndieCase anyone else just completely lost between Christmas & New Years? i don't even know what day it is anymore 9:49 PM 12/26/18 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Alan Baxter @AlanBaxter That strange time between Xmas and New Year when no one knows what day it is. You're simultaneously drunk and hungover. Food is appalling. Time isn't even a concept any More 9:03 PM 12/26/18 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Pete Llewelyn @PeteLlewelyn Me trying to figure out what day it is ETE 7:34 AM 12/27/18 from Cardiff, Wales Twitter for Android
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    Text - Jordan Taylor @jtaylor_65 The weirdest 5 days of the year are the 5 between Christmas Day and New Years Eve. Like what day is it? Do Ihave to work? Is school in session? Should I pour a drink at 10 AM? Is it the New Year yet? Like what the what. 8:18 PM 12/26/18 from Jackson, TN Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Slow Reader @reader_slow SCROOGE: "You, boy. What day is it?" BOY: "What day?" SCROOGE: "Exactly, I've lost track already. When are the bins going out?" 3:15 AM 12/27/18 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - b.b @benoobrown That period between Christmas and New Year where no one has a clue what day it is and everyone can't stop eating 5,000 calories a day 4:55 AM 12/27/18 Twitter for iPhone
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    Face - Sophie Evans @SophieEvans Don't know about you but Christmas being on a Tuesday has left me severely confused as to what day it is? I swear it's Monday. Producer BEN EDLUND GIF 6:09 PM 12/26/18 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - nini martini @cybersoybean happy "fuzzy period of days between christmas and new years where everyone is barely cognizant of the passage of time" to all 3:30 AM 12/26/18 TweetDeck
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    Technology - Shadowhunters STERS @ShadowhuntersTV Luke is all of us trying to work between Christmas and New Years. #Shadowhunters
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    Text - Manny MUA @MannyMua733 I feel like the time between Christmas and New Years is a weird dimension where no one knows what's going on 9:59 PM 12/26/18 Twitter for iPhone
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    Face - Dave Dodgers @davedodgers That weird period between Christmas and New Years when you're like: "Should I go to work?" "Do we have work today?" GIF 8:58 AM 12/27/18 Twitter Web Client
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    Face - Men's Humor Men's Humor@MensHumor Ugh. We should just ban work from Christmas to New Years. if going back to work after Christmas was a person drgrayfang
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    Text - cory @_Coryrichardson my date: are you sure you don't want me to help with the bill? it's pretty expensive me, wearing airpods: i literally do not give a fuck how much it is


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