Vengeance & Business Join Forces In This Amusing Twitter Meme

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    Text - keani @keanileigh Venmo me $20 and l'll comment "ew" on an enemies selfie $10 to msg your mans and see if he's cheating $5 for some feet pics 7:41 PM 1/2/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - kim @pumpkiim venmo me $20 and i'll DM your man to see if he'll cheat on you 1:18 PM 1/7/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Eden Dranger @Eden_Eats Venmo me $20 and I'll comment "my condolences" on your ex's Instagram pic with their new significant other. 3:12 PM 12/26/18 Twitter for iPhone 1,033 Retweets 7,252 Likes Eden Dranger@Eden_E... 12/27/18 For an extra $5, I'll throw in a "yikes" V t148 499
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    Text - Mackenzi Mason @Macadoodle96 Venmo me $20 and I'll send your enemy a glitter bomb. 4:48 PM 1/8/19 Twitter for Android
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    Text - melina I TWEET DUMB STUFF @melmadara venmo me $20 and I will give you nothing in return 5:20 PM 12/27/18 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - new year, same thot @pulpfictionaly Remember I said it's tacky to tweet out your Venmo for strangers to buy you drinks or gas money? It still is. However, if you Venmo me $20, I'l troll someone you can't stand. That's an actual business transaction. 5:35 PM 12/27/18 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - M is for Mayhem and Mischief @SuaLeonessa Venmo me $20 and I will frame you for murder! Have your very own Will Graham BSHCI experience. Get some quality time with Dr Chilton, hang out in the very cage your favorite Empath was locked in* and enjoy your very own sink based hallucinations!!! Wendigo antlers not included. 9:25 AM 1/10/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Весса Норе @sugarnspicerhc Venmo me $10 and I'll leave you a voicemail pretending to be your gf. $20 and I'll have a dm convo with you that you can screenshot to show friends.
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    Text - Balenciaga Badboy @Gaydolfhipster venmo me $20 and i'll dm your dad to see if he'll come home 3:33 PM 1/9/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Hayley Minogue @hayley_minogue Venmo me $10 and ill comment "Woof" on a photo of ur ex with his new girl. $15 for 3 photos and for $20 I'll comment it on all the photos. 5:56 PM 1/8/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Chelsea @chelsearad Venmo me: $5 I'll endorse your skills on LinkedIn $20 I'll review your resume/cover letter $25 you can use me as a reference. We're moving up the ladder in 2019 fam. 8:34 AM 1/9/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Sheena Cadena @sheenacadena22 Venmo me $5-$20 and I'll comment ignorant stuff on your ex's profile, see if your spouse is cheating by sliding in their dms, hype you up on your selfies, or literally anything else. Except anal. 2:00 PM 1/8/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - sophia_jpeg @sophia_jpeg Venmo me $20 and I'll tell you why you're not pulling the girl you want 7:16 PM 1/8/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Sophie Vershbow @svershbow Teenagers, Venmo me $20 and I'll mail you a handwritten love letter from your pretend summer camp boyfriend/ girlfriend. 3:42 PM 1/7/19 . Twitter Web Client
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    Text - Aleece Taylor @AleeceWrites Venmo me $20 and I will catfish the guy who broke your heart Imao 4:22 PM 1/7/19 Twitter Web Client
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    People are even tweeting this for more ~virtuous~ reasons.

    Text - gia @giaawoman Friendly reminder to not be a total piece of shit and drive intoxicated. If not for your own safety, don't put everyone else in danger. Call a name Uber. Venmo me 20 and I'll pick you up. 4:10 PM 12/24/18 from Albany, CA Twitter for iPhone


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