Homeless Woman Explains Why You Shouldn't Donate To The Salvation Army

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    twitter post homeless woman "Hey. As a homeless person staying at a Salvation Army shelter...Please don't donate to the Salvation Army"
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    twitter post homeless woman "Don't donate your money. Don't donate your time. Don't donate your toiletries, blankets, or food. Do not support this organization"
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    twitter post homeless woman "The shelter I'm staying at is one specifically meant for housing vulnerable women," and "But there is precious little help here. There's no aid or comfort"
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    twitter post homeless woman The RAs are cruel and robotic and often treat us like we're less than human. I often hear them speak negatively of the women here. 239 1 639 muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 13h We're looked down on. Condescended to. And when one of us attempts to stand up for our dignity we're thrown out onto the street with a smile
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    twitter post homeless woman In the absolute most sing-song tone: "Bye! You can come back in thirty days~!" muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 13h I've seen domestic violence survivors thrown out into the dark wailing and screaming and sobbing because they dared to get a little mouthy. 구 227 636 muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 13h They literally put up signs threatening women here with PROSECUTION if they took too much toilet paper
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    twitter post homeless woman They frequently throw women with mental illnesses out of here if they have any sort of symptoms. Especially verbal ticks 2 구 217 579 muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 13h But the really insidious part is that after they throw those women out, if they don't pick up their stuff within 7 days, it's confiscated
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    twitter post homeless woman Confiscated and sold alongside all your ing thrift stores. donations at their f The women in here? We don't get any of that sh
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    twitter post homeless woman Women's valuables and their belongings frequently go missing while in the staff's possession, and there's no recourse available. muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 13h Just a shrug of the shoulders and a "Welp, I dunno". And if you show any anger or indignation over it, you're out.
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    twitter post homeless woman They threw my friend out of here because she asked a staff member to keep their voice down during a call to her orthopedic surgery office. 구 152 468 muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 13h And not only did that particular staff member throw her out, she also pulled her into her office and
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    twitter post homeless woman proceeded to of her lungs. So loudly that I could hear her in that office from outside and up the street. scream at the TOP - 1126 420 muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 13h My friend was in tears almost the entire rest of the day. She was a nervous wreck 108 1 406 muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 13h Of course, when we went to the higher ups for help, they all but gave my friend the middle finger
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    twitter post homeless woman The employee who screamed at and threw my friend out of here denied all wrongdoing. Nothing came of it. muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 13h Her job title, by the way? "Women's Advocate" 구 136 2 538 muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 13h Anyway, that sort of abuse is commonplace here. They have all the power, and we have none.
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    twitter post homeless woman This place exists for one reason, and that one reason is to farm revenue from these women 177 421 muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 12h Revenue through government funding. muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 12h Revenue through government funding. Revenue through cash donations. Revenue through the sale of stolen goods.
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    twitter post homeless woman They do the absolute minimum necessary to keep this place running so they can f farm cash under the guise of helping. ing 152 400 muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 12h Example: They have been "working on" a kitchen here from which they intend to serve meals of some sort.
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    twitter post homeless woman It's has been in a state of "almost done!!" for six f ing years 135 1 458 muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 12h The shower room has inadequate ventilation and drainage. There are pools of watery slime on the floors constantly. 108 2 325 muffins 'n milk @milknmuffins 12h The sheetrock on the ceiling is riddled with mildew. Or mold. Whatever it is, it's black.
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    twitter post homeless woman I can back this up. It isn't only their shelters. I have a family friend who worked at our local Salvation Army headquarters as a a secretary. This particular office took all the Christmas donations for children in need, put them in a warehouse, and on a designated day the staff and their friends picked through them all, taking whatever they wanted. She saw people hauling away bikes donated for specific families


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