Confused Guy Almost Gets Chainsawed After Being Accused Of Stealing His Ex-Girlfriend's Psycho Little Brother's Highlighter

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    Text - Last night was the night when I was set to go to my girlfriend's house and finally meet her parents and her younger brother. We've been dating about two months now and we figured that it was time for us all to know each other and finally meet up. I went to their house and everything went pretty normal for the first 30 minutes. Me and her parents got along (both of her parents reminded me a lot of Ned Flanders) and she has a younger brother who was still in high school and me and him got a
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    Text - was confused as all hell, but my girlfriend just sighed, covered her face and said "Please, not this again." I tried to figure out what her brother was talking about, but he began patting me down and searching me. I pulled away from him and that's when he went to get the parents. My girlfriend told me to just leave the house and she'll call me later, but her parents showed up and they both had dropped the Flanders persona. They both looked really stern and her dad asked "Did you steal his
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    Text - I've been trying to contact my girlfriend ever since then, but she hasn't responded for whatever reason, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I dug around my room and found a thick blue highlighter. I went to my girlfriend's house and my girlfriend opened the door and told me that I shouldn't be here, but I told her that I wanted to perform a gesture that would hopefully bury the hatchet between and her brother. She let me in and I saw her brother in their living room. I went u
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    Text - awkwardly standing there with my girlfriend, I hear her dad from the garage say "Why do you have my chainsaw?!" That's when her brother came into the living room wielding a fucking chainsaw and he said to me "You wanna fuck with me?!" I began to back off and then her dad came in, took the chainsaw from him, and yelled at me "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE! I'm sick of you trying to disturb my son!" | just bailed and just moments ago, my girlfriend texted me and told me that I'm banned from
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    Text - I called my girlfriend and I told her that I wanted to know what was up with her and her family's behavior. She refused to go into specifics, but here's the basic gist of what she said: "I'm sorry, but things can't work out between us. My brother doesn't like his personal space being violated in any way and he genuinely thought you stole his highlighter. It turns out that our dog had just taken it off his desk and we found it all chewed up in the backyard. My brother locked himself in the
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    Text - This is the part when the dumbass inside of me starts to show signs of life. I finally have an explanation and I figured that I owed it to the family to offer an apology in a fun, Ilight-hearted way that shows l understand, but I guess it means that I just didn't learn my lesson from the previous encounter. I stopped by a store, bought a pack of brand new highlighters, and arrived my ex's house. I knocked on the door and saw the mom peeking at me through the window. I could actually hear
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    Text - Again, I just stood there in pure confusion and when I finally made my way back to my car, one of the upstairs windows opened and it way my ex. She screamed at me "Get out of here! My brother is gonna egg your car!" And just seconds after that, the front door opened and her brother began pelting me and my car with eggs. I got into my car and saw the dad trying to restrain him and I just drove off right as I saw the brother smash the eggs to the ground and run off into the small stretch of
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    Text - And late last night, my ex calls me and she was PISSED. She explained that her brother had run off into the woods, and they were out all night looking for him. They nearly filed a missing person report, but one of their neighbors called and told them they they found him swimming in their pool. My ex was tearing into me for that stunt with the highlighters and I snapped at her. told her that here family was fucked up and that I don't want anything to do with them. I told her that I don't e


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