14 Shameless Homewreckers Share Stories That'll Make Your Blood Boil

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    Skin - Iknow it's wrong but I love the fact that I'm a home wrecker
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    Text - lam.without guilt, Firting with and texting a guy Chatis engaged and has a Pamily Ima home wrecker
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    Text - ive come to the conclusion that Imahame wrecker leanlive with it lol
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    Text - Islept with this womans husband because she wouldne sEopCelig people Imahome wrecker and makinga bigdeal about its
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    Text - Ele Imahome wrecker and proud of it Hide your husbands. If youre not going bo pleasure him Owill-J
  • 6
    Air travel - Ima home wrecker butI LOVE tt makes everything so exciting
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    Text - Im a home weeckee Ive been with a woman fok the Aleeping past 4 monthe behind hee wifes back. And idgaf. I love her.
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    Text - Imahome wrecker by chotce Ideliberatelyslep with married men and then Itel their wives.
  • 9
    Text - Ibrokeupa marriage, dated the person for a few years and ended upleaving Now we' re both with different people. Life is about learning it'sok to havea story Imcompletely alright with that.
  • 10
    Text - Jwoultht say Im a home Wrecker but if agrlis iha relationship,and she wants me then'she can have me. ldidht wreck her relationship... She did
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  • 11
    Text - Ugot Chis gir to hook up with meeven though she has a girlhriend Then I got another girlto have sexwith me even though she has a boyfriend Yes Im a home wrecker and Improud of it
  • 12
    Bedding - Imahome wrecker. Neither one df usis capable df sboping this affair.
  • 13
    Text - Women always assume Im a home wrecker because Im younger than him & pretty But she cheated on him & Im just taking advantage of her mistake
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  • 14
    Text - ake he el Ima home wrecker if it benefits me homo OMO


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