Twitter Thread Explains Confusing Parts In Lord Of The Rings Like They're A DnD Campaign

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    twitter post explaining lotr as dnd The confusing parts of Lord of the Rings start to make a lot more sense when you realize it's actually just a transcribed #DnD campaign. THREAD 4:44 PM Jan 28, 2019 Twitter Web Client 946 Retweets 2.3K Likes Brennan Lee Mulligan @Bren... 19h Replying to @BrennanLM 1) Starts with a long, low-level adventure of just getting out of The Shire and getting the ring to Rivendell
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    twitter post explaining lotr as dnd DM lets their friend Steve play an OP wizard character from a previous campaign because Steve is super busy IRL and only found out he could play at the last minute, but everyone is into it because Steve rules. t5 2 271 Brennan Lee Mulligan @Bren... . 19h 3) Steve is clearly a touring musician IRL, because Gandalf is constantly dipping out of sessions for extremely weak in-g
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    twitter post explaining lotr as dnd Meanwhile, three other close friends find out Rachel is joining and pressure DM to let them play too. DM caves immediately. t 2 1 217 Brennan Lee Mulligan @Bren... 19h 6) DM responds to overwhelmingly large 9 person party by completely shifting the tone of the campaign and giving a wild, over-the-top plot hook. "The ONLY WAY to SAVE the WORLD is to take this SPECIFIC R
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    twitter post explaining lotr as dnd DM plans the MOST badass dungeon, ends up railroading the party a bit to get there. ("Uh, you can't go over Caradhras... It's, uh... It's an evil mountain." "What? What the hell is an Evil Mountain?" "Look, just GO TO MORIA okay!?!?) t 6 2 277 Brennan Lee Mulligan 19h @Bren... 9) Dungeon is awesome. Great encounters. Pippin rolls a Nat 1 on Stealth. Drums in the Deep. And righ
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    twitter post explaining lotr as dnd 11) Steve's death ends up being a great turning point, snaps everyone into character, RP heightens dramatically. Gimli's player Jess makes a WILD choice to fall in love with Galadriel?? Totally out of left field, but everyone is VERY INTO IT. L 3 274 Brennan Lee Mulligan @Bre... 19h 12) IRL, Summer is drawing to a class/work schedules are not lining up. close, people's Tensions
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    twitter post explaining lotr as dnd Game has gotten SO INTENSE. Group agrees that 8 PCs is too hard to schedule during the school year, so be a side quest in Rohan, while the main plot will continue just with the DM, their roommates, Kevin. Thursday nights will 228 1 Brennan Lee Mulligan 19h @Bren... 15) Kevin asks if he can roll up an ACTUALLY evil character this time. DM is not really into it, offers to


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