4chan Gets 39-Year-Old Dude to the Top of the Voting for a 'Meet Taylor Swift' Contest

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KISS 108 FM in Boston is holding a contest: be Taylor Swift's biggest fan, and you get to meet her! All you have to do is write a friend into the voting and make sure they get the most votes. Sounds like a teenage girl's dream, right?

Well it's also the dream of one Charles Z., "39-year-old creepy friend" of a random 4chan anon. To help good old Charles realize his dream, the 4chan user decided to enlist the assistance of /b/ to flood the poll with votes. Sorry, teenyboppers, but 4chan is legion, and Charles Z. soon found himself sitting atop the poll with a sizeable lead. When people Charles' friend what Charles might do if won?

"Sniff Taylor Swift's hair cuz he's into that," Anon said. Charming.

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