Twilight Isn't the Only One to Do This!

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Few things. Yes, there is stat called Coolness; this method of evolution was used by Feebas, though you need to raise its Beauty instead (G5 added second way to evolve it). Second, why secondary Flying-type? There are so far only two Pokémon whose primary type is Flying, Tornadus which is basically GOD representing wind, and Noivern which is... Flying/Dragon for some reason. Fighting type is because... well, we know she is competitive and sometimes bit overconfident. I was planning giving Normal/Flying to filly, but I couldn't really explain why she would have that. Also, couldn't decide on which picture for Spike being Rainbow, so I gave two. And I didn't gave that evo Dragon/Flying, because I don't recall Spike flying in "Secret of My Excess" (a land variant of dragon? I mean, Courage the Cowardly Dog had a sea/water dragon, so why not), plus Dragon/Flying has that horrible weakness to Ice...

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