21 Ganja-Loving Twitter Users Share The Highest Things They've Ever Done

  • 1
    twitter post getting high What's the highest thing you've ever done?? One time I put a cup of water in the microwave and the cup was too tall to fit so I dumped some water out and tried to put it back in because I thought that would make it fit LMAOOO0
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  • 2
    twitter post getting high i put a pizza in the oven and then went downstairs to ask my friend when i should go back and "flip it"
  • 3
    twitter post getting high I forgot to take my underwear off before peeing
  • 4
    twitter post getting high One time I got so high I had to turn the tv down to taste my Mac and cheese
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  • 5
    twitter post getting high Threw a full cup of juice onto my bed instead of my phone
  • 6
    twitter post getting high i was in the car with someone and we were in a neighborhood and i started counting the trees while we drove and i got up to like 50 and then i found out we were parked the whole time
  • 7
    picture of peanut butter on mobile phone instead of on bread beside it twitter post getting high
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  • 8
    twitter post getting high i showered w my towel bc the water was "too cold" LMFAO
  • 9
    twitter post getting high This is one of my old high drafts, so I understand X Drafts Edit My own hand scared me
  • 10
    twitter post getting high I legitimately waited for a stop sign to turn green
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  • 11
    twitter post getting high do you remember when you were afraid to hit the bong because you thought your braces would melt?!! 4:41 PM 2/7/19 Twitter for iPhone
  • 12
    Ttwitter post getting high I ordered a calzone and after it arrived I kept pressing it against my face saying "it's warm" over and over. The kicker is, didn't even eat it because I fell asleep a few moments later...and I also broke out with acne the next day 11:04 PM 2/6/19 Twitter for iPhone
  • 13
    twitter post getting high My friend was driving and I was in the passenger seat. Something kept bumping into my shoe and I was getting really freaked out so I had her pull over. We turned on the lights and I realized it was just my left foot tapping my right foot.
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  • 14
    twitter post getting high Stared at a chair for a solid 30 seconds because I couldn't remember how to sit down. Then proceeded to kneel on the chair before remembering the butt goes down. 9:44 PM 2/6/19 Twitter for iPhone
  • 15
    twitter post getting high i showered w my towel bc the water was "too cold" LMFAO 11:26 PM 2/6/19 Twitter for iPhone
  • 16
    twitter post getting high Driving at night. It was raining and was tired and stoned. I was sticking my hand out the window and catching the rain drops and then rubbing the water on my face. Refreshing. FF1 hour. I walk into the diner bathroom with my face covered in bugs. It never rained that night 2:21 AM 2/7/19 Twitter for iPhone
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  • 17
    twitter post getting high When i was like 16 i wiped my mouth w my hand and my lipstick smeared off on my hand and i started sobbing because i thought my lips came off and i was so scared
  • 18
    twitter post getting high LmfaOOOO One time I was playing sims free play while cooking macaroni and my pot started boiling over, so l blew on my phone 2:57 AM 2/7/19 Twitter for iPhone
  • 19
    twitter post getting high My friend and l heard a bang in the basement so we grabbed knives, got a ride from a friend out of the house, called the cops, and had them search the house just to tell us a mirror fell
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  • 20
    twitter post getting high heard this talking noise so i thought music was playing from my phone. spent 5 minutes playing with the volume buttons and closing apps turned out the window was open and my neighbours were having a chat outside.
  • 21
    twitter post getting high It was a HOT day and I had a huge to- go cup from some food joint sippin ICE COLD delicious water out of it. l asked my friend if he wanted a sip and he said "hell yeah dood" I gave him the cup only to realize l'd been sippin on an empty cup for 45 minutes


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