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A Humpback Whale Was Found Mysteriously In The Amazon Rainforest With No Explanations

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    Marajó Island, Brazil

    Map - Afuá Afuá Chaves O Tucuma Soure Ilha de Marajó Reserva Extrativista Casinha ardim O Мариа Belém Muaná Breves Abaetetuba Melgaço Curralinho Moju 155 Portel Oeiras do Pará Igarapé-Miri

    The carcass of a 26ft humpback whale was discovered this past Friday, in the Amazon Rainforest, by the Brazilian conservation group Bicho D'água.

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    Beached Whale

    The beached Humpback whale, who is believed to be just one year old, was found 49ft from the river beach on Marajó Island. 

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    Cause of death

    As the group of scientists hopes to identify the cause of death, it is assumed that the humpback whale was separated from its pod during the migration and died from stress as a result. After death, the whale drifted into the river mouth of the Amazon and was dumped on the floor of the forest when the tides pulled back. Brazilian news outlet O Tempo reports that they will take samples from the carcass in the next few days to gain further insight into the mysterious occurrence and hope to bury the body.


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