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This Woman And Her Boyfriend Sleep In Seperate Rooms So She Can Cuddle With Her Cat

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    Meet Holly Brockwell (32) and boyfriend Zack Fox (26) who live together for just over two years

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    When Holly got her new kitten, Mawri, Zack objected to her staying in the bedroom with them, and it wasn't long before Holly moved into the spare room to stay with her.


    Holly, a blogger, told The Sun: "Before she arrived, Zack drew a hard line, banning the kitten from the bedroom, saying he wanted one room which wasn't covered in cat hair. But as soon as we got her home I was besotted and knew I had to have her with me. She was so cute and so tiny, so I told Zack I'd sleep in the spare room until she was bigger and less clingy. Zack wasn't thrilled. He didn't want to get a cat; he grew up in a home with a dog which wasn't allowed in the bedrooms, so the fact I was sleeping in a different room with the cat did cause conflict to begin with"

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    But 18 months later, the couple are still happily spending the night in their own separate bedrooms, and claim it has actually improved their relationship.


    Once they settled into their new routine, they found it improved their relationship so much that the couple agreed to make it a permanent arrangement. After cuddling on the sofa and watching TV together in the evenings, Zack, an assistant TV producer, is in bed by midnight, while night-owl Holly is often awake as late as 3am: "I don't think it's made any difference to our love lives. By the time Zack goes to bed he's exhausted from getting up at 7.30am, working all day and arriving home at 8pm, so he's straight to sleep. I like to stay up and read or on my phone, which used to disturb him, so that wasn't really conducive to sex anyway", she told The Sun. When they do want to be alone, the couple heads to Zack's bedroom - closing the door on Mawri and their other cat Moose, whom they rescued in August 2017. 

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    “When she was tiny, Mawri slept in my bedside drawer, which was really cute, but now she sleeps just above my head"


    "I arrange the pillows so she's between my head and the headboard, and she puts her paw on my head so she knows I'm there."


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