This is the Most Insane LEGO Creation You'll See This Week

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    See this guy that looks like he could be a cool dad/uncle? That's Erik Varszegi.

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    Varszegi is one of LEGO's specialty designers. He's not making what's you'll find on store shelves. In this case, what he's making won't even FIT on store shelves.
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    That's because he made a full-scale LEGO X-Wing.

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    The model is one of LEGO's largest, at 5.3 million bricks and nearly 46,000 pounds.

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    For the record, that cool pirate ship you had as a kid was about 600 pieces and weighed less than your household cat.
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    Of course, everyone's favorite astromech droid also received the life-size treatment.

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    The X-Wing is making a tour around the country, hitting various LEGO Land locations across the united states.

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    *Please do not drool on the LEGO X-Wing should you see it in person, nerf-herder.


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