15 Stories That Are Blatant Reminders That Walmart Is A Lawless Place

  • 1
    Text - My ex worked at Walmart. One day a customer service employee made a woman very upset over a small issue. The customer responded by ta king a dump on the floor. On Easter Day.
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    Natural foods - Not Walmart, but at my local supermarket, a woman in a mo bility scooter would come and steal apples (they had a rack of free apples for kids) And when the employees caught her again and again she would just drive away as they chased her.
  • 3
    Text - I was walking out the front of the store when I crossed paths with a very large woman. As she approached I watched her reach into her shirt under her (massive) boob, pull out a half-finished chicken leg and start eating. It was great.
  • 4
    Toilet seat - My sister swears to God she overheard a woman "baptising" her child in a toilet at Walmart.
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  • 5
    Product - Vitamins Diet I once saw a large human, still unsure of gender to this day, wearing what appeared to be a robe made out of plastic bags. It must have been a couple dozen bags and it still wasn't nearly enough to cover them.
  • 6
    Natural foods - Once I saw a woman kick a head of lettuce across the produce section. Just makes me wonder what the fuck compelled her to do that.
  • 7
    Product - HEIN JUS DE S PFOMAT HEIN TOMA HEINZ TOMA FO HEINZ TOMAR juid TOMA Lady had her two kids in the cart after check out, and one of them pe es all over. She proceeds to harass the employee cleaning up kid's pee, and when the guy with a mop came, she said, "took you long enough."
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  • 8
    Product - I saw a fat woman wearing only a shower cap, fuzzy slippers and a pink towel that didn't quite wrap all the way around her. She was still wet. I wish I would have followed her to find out what was so important she had to go out and buy it in the middle of her shower. 98 $2.98t
  • 9
    Text - SUBWAY 98 98 My Walmart had a subway in it. Guy stands between the Subway and the 20-items-or-less checkouts Dude shits in his pants and wiggles the fucking turd down his pantleg and leaves it on the floor.
  • 10
    Text - I had to go to Walmart late night after our first day at our new house. All I could find to wear was my Ninja Turtle pajama pants and a hoodie. I was a Person of Walmart!
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  • 11
    Gadget - SONY This story takes place back when the Playstation 3 was impossible to find and everyone wanted to get one for their kid for Christmas... SONY Pr

    "A little boy, probably 10, has the last one and is so excited that he's carrying it around the store with him while his mom is shopping. A grown man punches the kid in the face, grabs the PS3, runs up the register, cuts to the front of the line, pays for it, and leaves. We figured all this out from security footage once the mom reported it and the police were called. He was never caught."

  • 12
    Text - I was looking at the toy swords with my friends when this complete stranger walked up and asked to have a sword fight. I lost.
  • 13
    Text - An old woman was walking around. She had on a tee that was a bit too short and her boobs hung really low. No bra. She just tucked the ends into her pants.
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  • 14
    Text - Shopping in Walmart when I had the urge to pee...

    "Was doing my thing when I heard grunting from a nearby stall. Then I heard the recognizable sploosh of diarrhea releasing. When I exit my stall I see this pool of brown ass juice seeping out from under another stall. It was growing in size while the grunts got more fevered when I saw a woman's hand appear from under the door with a few pieces of half-ply toilet paper. She was trying to mop up this mess while continuing to shit onto the floor. I noped out of there as quickly as possible."

  • 15
    Product - I was in the check out line when the woman in front of me reaches in her bag, steadily brings out a car key, lifts it to her nose and inhales. 5 seconds later she eats shit on the grou nd has to be dragged out by security.


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