Sad Tumblr User Cheers The World Up By Drawing Epic Dragon Heads

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    Been there.

    A Tumblr user says they've been sad the last bunch of days, so they drew dragon heads to cheer up.
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    Ever just need a nap? I feel this guy.

    A Tumblr image of a green dragon head sleeping on a blue rock, with purple thorns on its back.
  • 3

    This dragon's a mood without even trying to be.

    A Tumblr image of a red dragon with spikes on its back and nose.
  • 4

    Bro. This guy is the happiest dragon of all time.

    A Tumblr image of a blue and green dragon with its mouth open, showing tons of tiny scary teeth.
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  • 5

    This might be the favorite.

    A Tumblr image of a dragon with a red beard, tail, and bright aquamarine eyes.


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