Old School Runescape Celebrates the 10-Year Anniversary of the Falador Massacre in the Best Way Possible

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Old School Runescape went ahead and commemorated one of, if not the most fateful day in Runescape history yesterday. It was the Falador Massacre, and in case you didn't know, here's how it went down:

Player Cursed You maxed out his Construction skill, invited a few dozen friends into his house, things got a little bit rowdy as they will when the band gets together, a sparring combat ring was assembled in the house, which flagged players for PvP. But here's where it gets interesting...

When Cursed You kicked people out of his house, they remained flagged for PvP, and a horde of revellers marauded through Falador, laying bloody waste to everyone in their path. 

The tortured cries of 'bank your items!' echo into eternity...

So, in honor of that fateful day the Old School Runescape team set up a tournament in World 666 that made Falador a battleground once more.

Appropriate, don't care, or distasteful? Have at it:

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