Top 20 Countries With the Most Paid Vacation Time

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    20. Australia - 28 days

    Australia - girls with hats and sports trumpet.

    20 paid vacation days + 8 paid holidays. Starting off the list, the Aussies get a nice little package of 28 days off per year, which they presumably spend most of avoiding Australia's famously deadly wildlife. It's all a big picnic until a shark eats your surfboard!

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    19. Ireland - 29 days

    Ireland crowds flying their flag.

    20 paid vacation days + 9 paid holidays. Honestly though, St. Patrick's Day should count for, like, 3 days.

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    18. Tunisia - 30 days

    Tunisian crowd waving their red flags.

    30 paid vacation days + 0 paid holidays. The only African country to make an appearance, Tunisia offers its workers a very respectable month off. Seeing as how the Arab Spring started here, it's no small wonder that the Tunisians demand fair treatment.

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    17. Italy - 31 days

    Italy fireworks exploding over the water.

    20 paid vacation days + 11 paid holidays.

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    16. New Zealand - 32 days

    The intimidation dance in New Zealand.

    20 paid vacation days + 11-12 paid holidays, depending on where you work.

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    15. Slovenia - 33 days (Tied with Croatia and Poland)

    Castle on the edge of the water in Slovenia.

    20 paid vacation days + 13 paid holidays. Here we have a 3-way tie between Eastern European nations, with each country offering its citizens 20 paid vacation days to go along with 13 state sponsored national holidays.

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    15. Croatia - 33 days (Tied with Slovenia and Poland)

    Soldiers marching with their flag in Croatia.

    20 paid vacation days + 13 paid holidays.

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    15. Poland - 33 days (Tied with Slovenia and Croatia)

    Poland sports fans shouting and waving their banners of red and white.

    20 paid vacation days + 13 paid holidays.

  • 9

    12. Spain - 34 days

    People running from the bulls in Spain or at least acting like it.

    22 paid vacation days + 12 paid holidays.

  • 10

    11. Germany - 34 days

    People waving flag and celebrating in Germany.

    24 paid vacation days + 10 paid holidays. Famous for its quality exports and near-perfect infrastructure, the Germans realize that it's hard to be so efficient 365 days a year, so they take 34 days off for some 'R und R.'

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    10. Denmark - 34 days

    Classic Denmark houses by the water.

    25 paid vacation days + 9 paid holidays. Scandinavia finally shows up on the list, with Denmark taking after its southern neighbor and giving its workforce 34 days off per year (which is mighty convenient seeing as a large majority of Danes choose to take vacations in where else but Germany).

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    9. Austria - 35 days

    Austria houses by the water and the flag hanging in the windless air.

    22 paid vacation days + 13 paid holidays. The beautiful, mountainous European nation barely beats out its nothern neighbor Germany by 1 day.

  • 13

    8. Iceland - 37 days

    People enjoying the hot pools in Iceland.

    24 paid vacation days + 13 paid holidays. More time to relax in Iceland's famous geothermal baths.

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  • 14

    7. The United Kingdom - 37 days

    Many people walking in the street with the British flag waving.

    28 paid vacation days + 9 national or "bank" holidays.

  • 15

    6. Portugal - 38 days

    Portugal seaside photograph with flag in the foreground.

    25 paid vacation days + 13 paid holidays. Portugal beats out its Iberian cousin Spain by 4 days.

  • 16

    5. France - 38 days

    Classic France photo with Eiffel tower and fireworks in the background.

    30 paid vacation days + 8 paid holidays.

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  • 17

    4. Lithuania - 39 days

    Sports fan's dress in green and yellow with their arms raised in celebration in Lithuania.

    28 paid vacation days + 11 paid holidays. Though it often flies under the radar in European popular culture, Lithuania does a bang up job in the benefits department, offering nearly 40 days of relaxation time.

  • 18

    3. Finland - 40 days

    Finland crowds waving their blue and white flags.

    30 paid vacation days + 10 paid holidays.

  • 19

    2. Sweden - 41 days

    Shirtless dudes painted in yellow and blue in Sweden.

    25 paid vacation days + 16 paid holidays. Scandinavia is famous for being socially progressive, but Sweden tops the bunch, beating out Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark to give its workers the longest vacations this side of the Baltic Sea.

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  • 20

    1. Brazil - 41 days

    Lots of green in a picture of Brazil during Carnival, with dancer kicking her leg.

    30 paid vacation days + 11 paid holidays. Ahh, to be Brazilian. Not only do Brasileiros get the highest number of vacation days, they also have their country essentially shut down every February for what is arguably the world's biggest annual party: Carnival.

  • 21

    BONUS: United States of America - ZERO days

    Americana meme of bald eagle in front of USA flag with a caption pointing out that USA has no paid vacation days.

    The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 carries no requirements for individual employers to give their employees any paid vacation time. Many companies do still give their employees vacation time and paid holidays to remain an attractive employment option, but they are not legally required to do so.


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