News Station Tweets an Insensitive Promo Comparing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to the TV Series "Lost"

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Omaha based news station KETV decided to take advantage of the incredibly unfortunate similaries between the real-life situation of Mayasia Airlines flight 370 and the fictional series "Lost" and make a promotion out of it.

Lost is a fictional television show with polar bears, smoke monsters, and mysterious deities on a tropical island, while the 239 people on MH370 are still missing or likely dead. Their families and loved ones are distraught with grief, and authorities are no closer to finding the plane or any remains in the Indian Ocean almost two weeks after it disappeared.

Even comedian Paul Scheer, who hosted the Lost 10-year reunion panel at the Paley Center Sunday night, asked the audience to refrain from asking the show's creators and actors about MH370.

KETV has since deleted the inconsiderate tweet.

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