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NIS America Sets a Solid Standard for How Other Companies Should Explain Their Censorship Decisions

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    Preceding the game's release, the company released the following statement via their blog:

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    Even considered conceptually, the game's bound to make some folks uncomfortable. You're basically a guy sent down to hell to 'motivate' a bunch of bad girls to be 'rehabilitated' so that they're primed for battle. You accomplish your goals via sexual minigames, like spanking them or brushing soap off their bodies.
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    NIS America was forced to change a few elements of the game when they brought it over. First, some of the artwork, especially that during the 'motivation' scenes was altered to be less explicit, like such:
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    Second change from the original Japanese version, was swapping the in-game term 'punishment' for 'motivation.'

    Third, there won't be any English voiceovers. Keeping it strictly English text, and Japanese voiceovers.

    Lastly, all dialogue's been eliminated from the 'motivation' scenes.

    So, what do you guys think of all this, and will it go on to bring about changes to the world of video game censorship?


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