This Thrilling Tale of Murder and Pokemon GO Took an Unexpected Turn and Was Revealed to Be a Hoax

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The video above shows the live stream of a video game streamer named Alex Ramirez when he "allegedly" witnessed a murderer dump a body behind a church while he was playing. You can hear him begin a 911 call, the video also follows up with a separate video where he claims to have been fired from his job. All this led to a lot of people being fooled and some people even donating money to a GoFundMe account which has now been deactivated. 

Not everyone was convinced, a person in the comments to this video links Ramirez to a troll account on Twitch that has already been banned for faking similar hoaxes.

 One man even did his own sleuthing and called the police department that Ramirez pretended to call and found out that it was, in fact, a hoax. 

According to Gizmodo, Uber has confirmed that Ramirez does work for them but hasn't been suspended (yet) and that anyone who donated to the GoFundMe account will be refunded. 

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