13 Wholesome Friendship Stories That Had Us Grinning From Ear To Ear

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    Text - r/AskReddit How did you meet your best friend? u/conditackler Share 2.3k t3.4k
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    Text - MrStealYoPuck 78d I'm colourblind and legally blind. Grade 6, he was the new kid that year. I asked him what colour a marker was and he says:"what, are you fucking blind?" Been friends since. 1.1k
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    Text - joyyfulsub 79d Roommate lottery system in college. My old roomie transferred so I had the place to myself; they told me to expect a new arrival any day. One night I'm coming back from class and about to open my door when I notice the carpet around the edge of the door is wet. I open it to find a small, panicked Japanese woman frantically trying to fix the small pond that had formed in our entryway with a shit-ton of paper towels and a hairdryer. Only her first day there and she'd half-flo
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    Text - MinerOfStarDust 41d One of my best friends an I met at our first fight. He thought I was someone else and punched me. Me not knowing what was going on, punched back. We fought for about 3 min before someone stopped us and asked what was going on. I answered "I dont know he hit me so I fought back." He said "I thought you were someone else but then you hit me back and I saw you weren't him and panicked, so I just kept going. It made me laugh so hard I was in tears. We went and got some foo
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    Text - What made your best friend your best friend? u/fatfish101 Share 29 11 APRIL 26 PARABLEE SOWER 7:30PM OCTAVIA E. BUTLER'S THE Best Write a comment nou_com 3d Nake255 3d falcao31035 3d We both make sexist and racist jokes and know that it isn't good. A lot of people these days can't take a joke RatsoSloman 3d Assholes usually do find eachother. falcao31035 3d Thanks man appreciate that:) t 2
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    Text - Chelsdfvjhi 4y We met in grade nine, I thought she was a loser and she thought I was a bitch. Little did I know, we were both right. 3.0k Jurnana 4y Thursdays on CBS 2.9k
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    Text - r/AskReddit Reddit, how did your "friend" become your "best friend"? u/Peacockblue11 Edited Share 3.3k 1.6k
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    Text - r/AskReddit You get one wish, but your best friend will have the opposite wish granted to them. What do you choose? u/tshepongwenya Share 2.2k 2.0k
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    Text - Dolinski_Von_Hoyer 6y When I broke my leg skiing with him, he dragged me out of the trees and back in bounds where patrol could get me. I remember looking up at him and thinking "this is the best friend I've ever had.". He died skiing 5 years ago and I don't think 'll ever know anyone like him again. 1.4k
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    Text - [deleted] 4y What's the opposite of Jennifer Lawrence? 307 VargaslsMissing 4y Steve Buscemi. 191
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    Text - r/AskReddit 2 When was the moment you realized that your best friend wasn't your best friend? u/CrypticCrunch Share 17.0k 44.3k
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    Text - Shaharlazaad 20d This one's pretty wholesome, I'd have to say it's when he married his wife. I moved away for college and he stayed in state, he was still dating the woman who would later become his wife. We stayed in contact and everything, but distance is very hard for both of us, so staying in contact meant like a phone call every 4 months or so. I still think of him as my brother, and I was the best man at his wedding, and during the course of the wedding and reception, and especially
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    Text - r/AskReddit Reddit what is your best 'and that's how we became friends' story? u/effingcharcoal These are starting to range from "oh that's innocent and adorable teehee" to "what in the fuck". Thanks for all the great stories guys! Share 4.9k 4.9k


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