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Top Ten Cutest Cat Breeds

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    Scottish Fold

    Cute cats - Scottish Fold

    The Scottish Fold is an adorable breed with a quirky genetic mutation that lends to its name, that causes their ears to "fold". Despite their unique appearance amongst cats, this does not come without its drawbacks. These cats suffer across the board suffer from some level of osteochondrodysplasia (OCD), which is a disease in the bones and connective tissue. As with many "cute" mutations that were developed and honed by man, playing with nature has unfortunately had it's costs for this breed. 

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    Cute cats - Munchkin

    Munchkin cats are easily in the top 5 for the cutest cats in the world. With their stubby legs and normal bodies, the unusual look is a hit with people in the last few years. However this is again another example of man's interference in nature, though this breed does not suffer any shortfalls from this mutation, besides well... Being short. But if you are wondering about this fascinating breed, and you'll definitely want to know where the name comes from, and all sorts of other tidbits about the breed.

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    Cute cats - Bengal

    These cats are ready to spring into action at the drop of a dime, and will move light lightning before you can even start to prepare yourself. If you have ever seen dogs and their zoomies, you have an idea of what you are in for. They are extremely smart, and love to hunt, so expect more than a bird or two. But Bengals are an all time favorite globally and that isn't about to change.

  • 4


    Cute cats - Ragdoll

    These cats are aptly named. Unlike many felines who will react quite poorly to being handled or picked up like this cat's namesake, this breed is unusually docile, known to be considered similar to dogs in temperament. The Ragdoll is an incredible breed of cat.

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    Cute cats - Siamese

    Siamese cats were one of the first Asian breeds officially recognized, along with one of the oldest breeds overall. Even more interesting, their markings and coat color is determined not only by genetics, but the weather in the area where they were born.

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    Cute cats - Himalayannduction heater

    This one might take the prize for cutest cat as a kitten. I can't even. Himalayan Cats are well known for their looks, and devotion to the member of the family they see as the dominant. They are calm and easygoing, much more likely to laze in the sun than run around chasing lasers. 

  • 7

    Burmese Cat

    Cute cats - Burmese Cat

    If you ever dreamed of having a cat that will never grow out of being a playful kitten, then a Burmese Cat is the breed for you. But be prepared for unbridled energy from the time you bring him home until the day they leave you. 

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    Maine Coon

    Cute cats - Maine Coon

    These cats can't be house cats.... Someone took a baby lynx home and tried to pull one over on us.... Right? Maine Coons are known for their striking look and massive size.

  • 9


    Cute cats - Manx

    If you are about to grab your pitchfork and scream about animal cruelty, relax! The Manx's unique tailless look is a genetic mutation, not a man made fashion statement. Moreover, with their longer than average legs, they are extremely adept hunters and widely sought after by sportsman for exactly this purpose. If you want quail for dinner every day, this might be the cat breed for you.

  • 10

    American Curl

    Cute cats - American Curl

    This cat breed is the best that North America has to offer when it comes to house cats. American Curls are a unique breed, obviously due to the fact that they are the size of a house. Actually they are quite small, but they do have their ears curl back within a week after birth, giving them their namesake. 


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