Could I Have Some "Cruelty Free" Wacky Dust Please?

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Online drug vendors typically employ a range of corporate retailing techniques. This includes providing mission statements, "oaths to customers" and detailed "terms and conditions" advising international shipping times and purchasing procedures. In a further stark contrast to the conventional drug trade, many even offer full or partial refunds for drugs that are found to be sub-standard or are intercepted by customs...

At the more extreme end of socially progressive marketing strategies used by online dealers are those that involve the promotion of drugs on the basis of supposedly "ethical", "fair trade", "organic" or "conflict-free" sources of supply:
"We are a team of libertarian c0caine dealers. We never buy coke from cartels! We never buy coke from police! We help farmers from Peru, Bolivia and some chemistry students in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. We do fair trade!"

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