Wrestler of the Day: The Undertaker Returns to the WWE, Still Not Allowed to Just Retire Already

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One of the world’s most popular wrestlers, The Undertaker made his return to the ring last night on the 900th episode of WWE SmackDown, despite hopes that this 51-year-old sports entertainer had retired.

The Undertaker, who has been MIA since Wrestlemania 32, entered the squared circle to deliver what many believe to be the announcement of a full-blown comeback, and not the announcement many hoped for: That he’d be trading the tights for gold clubs and moving to Florida. That's right, the 51-year-old will continue to put his life and health on the line for wrestling fans.

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Rather, the Deadman himself, instead of just resting in peace because, well, wrestling is a pretty strenuous and dangerous profession for a 51-year-old, made an announcement that hints at multiple roles with in the organization, particularly a match at Survivor Series this Sunday.

“WrestleMania will no longer define who I am. I’m back, taking souls, and digging holes. Survivor Series was where the Undertaker was born, and SmackDown has always been my home.
Now, that brings me to the second reason I’m out here. At this year’s Survivor Series, there’s no reason to fear failure. But if you fail, if you fail, you will have reason to fear the Deadman. Team Raw better rest in peace.”

It looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot more of the Undertaker, even though it would probably be better for wrestling fans and the wrestler if he would just call it a day. 

For more on why the Undertaker should just retire already, check out Complex

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