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Dancing With Sharks: Spectacular Underwater Shots By Hawaiian Photographer

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    rying to back up and give some space for this curious mom and baby humpback whale.

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    When ur trying to do underwater yoga and hold plank but u keep getting interrupted.

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    I LOVE this shark, she was one of the most amazing individual beings I’ve ever met

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    I understand the principle of not touching wild life, keeping nature pure and pristine. But when a 2 ton shark decides to engage you, you may have to engage it back.

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    ocused documenting this massive white shark named “Haole Girl” on her vacation

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    The ocean is incredible, the marine creatures I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and the things I’ve seen never cease to amaze and astound me.

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    Something that I have been dreaming about for years.

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    Calm, cool, and relaxed as an apex predator

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    gently guides one of the largest documented #GreatWhiteSharks away

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    This whale watching boat got the experience of a life time.

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    @oceanramsey and family

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    You have to swipe left to see the top side shot of this great white shark jumping straight up, and not going forward but rather just sinking straight down.


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