Bullet Chess

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for sale chess bullets - 8372296448
By Sunset's Workshop (Via Sunset's Workshop on Etsy)
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Sunset's Workshop says: I've been looking at this site for years, first time submitting something and that something happens to be my own work. I've seen plenty of geekery and items that I loved shown to me first here, so I figure it's about time to do the same. I understand that it's not for everyone, but chess is the 'universal' game that most 'geeks' can relate to. In that mindset, and being a person that loves both chess and trench art, I've made a combination of the two with a chess set using spent 7.62x54r shell casings for pieces. This isn't the only set i've made, and there are -plenty- of pictures avalible. I don't know I'm more just tossing my hat into the ring and seeing where it lands.

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