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Meet The Man Behind The Coolest Doggie Daycare Bus Service (11 Images And Vids)

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    Meet Arat Montoya!


    Montoya has been looking after dogs for over 6 years, and loves every second of it! He had been working at the Dog Club of West Linn, but the dog daycare service had gone out of business. And with a baby on the way, Montoya jumped into action on creating his very own dog daycare service.

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    He had a Gold Scion XB which he converted to a Dog School Bus

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    In 2016, Doggie School Bus Inc was born!

    Car - 503-705-3926 D GGIE SCHOOL BUS

    Doggie School Bus Inc., a dog daycare service in West Linn City, Oregon. In an interview with Oregon Live, Montoya recalled when he first opened his business, "I got 16 customers within two weeks. People were going bananas." Since then, the demand for his services gained so much popularity he quickly had to buy a larger vehicle to fit more doggos. 

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    Now his Doggie Daycare takes care of 20+ dogs a day!


    And up to 35 dogs of a busy day! Montoya's daily routine starts with house-to-house pick up of his clients' dogs at 7 am. When all the dogs have been picked up, he drives them to a 5-acre rural property he rents from a friend. The dogs then get to spend the day outdoors exercising, socializing and just having a grand ol' time. At 2 pm, he drives each of them home. And the entire service only costs $30/day.

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    He creates a special bond with each one of this clients' pups


    He knows all of the dog's names and can identify them just by their bark. He has built a trust relationship with them, and they listen to his every instruction.

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    Montoya also shares videos and pictures of the dogs at daycare throughout the day on his Facebook so clients can see their loved ones running around and having fun!

    Dog - N cON

    The best part of doing all this is that he enjoys the company of dogs and that they have fun playing with the other dogs, too. "I'm the happiest man in the world doing what I'm doing," he said.

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    And it seems like the dogs are just as happy as Montoya!

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    His reviews are absolutely glowing:


    Jannel Parmiani of Linn, Oregon had this to say about Montoya and his service, "Merlin loves Arat and his school bus! He waits by the front window every morning, and comes home happy every evening. Arat shares vids every day of his students having a blast, and I know my boy is happy and well cared for. Two paws up for Doggie School Bus!"

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    All aboard! Those are the faces of some satisfied customers!


    All his reviews reveal that all the dogs are so excited in the morning when the bus arrives, they bolt out the door and return happy and tuckered out.  

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    Watch how excited this one pup is when the Doggie School Bus arrives!

    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.
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