Turns Out Justin Timberlake Good At Another Thing and Sinks Two Half-Court Shots

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Can we just stop Justin Timberlake from doing stuff?

It’s enough that he’s an acclaimed singer, dancer, and actor, but does he have to be good at free throws, too? And this is just him messing around the court, sinking half-court shots. What's next? He gonna be really good at predicting what month comes after April? 


The rage. 

I mean, maybe he could be good at cleaning up the ocean or getting humans to Mars, things that would benefit all of us instead of just making us feel bad about ourselves. Right? Then again, we’d probably be just as annoyed at that too.

JT, give it a rest. Enjoy your millions of dollars and, what seems like, a really nice and supportive relationship with Jessica Biel.

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