27 Unapologetically Bad (Good) Puns to Bring out the Dad in You

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    picture of brick building news Morgue employee cremated by mistake while taking a nap. BREAKING NEIWS UPDATE FUNERAL HOME INVESTIGATION BEAING NWS UPDATE I guess two people got fired that day.
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    Text - Someone told me if you hold a Shell up you can hear the sea. All I got was 6 years for armed robbery
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    picture of doctor and patient I'm going to have to draw blood Thanks for waiting
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    twitter @arcadeseals me: i'm terrified of random letters therapist: you are? me: [screams] therapist: oh i see me: [screaming intensifies]
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    Text If you don't watch a series entirely you are not a true fan If you do watcha series entirely you are not a true fan You are only a true fan if you: are powered by electricity have multiple flat blades spin around really fast nerdywithadashofawesome i got so mad then laughed so hard 480,228 notes
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    deer standing under awning of building while it rains I GUESS THEY'RE NOT RAIN-DEER Just one goat
  • 7
    Text -I joined a Group with Erectile Dysfunction. It was a flop and nobody came.
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    Text - me: i'm terrified of the vertical axis therapist: why? me: [screams] 16:54 21 May 19 Twitter Web App 6,698 Retweets 30.5K Likes
  • 9
    Text - Why it called is Boob sweat And not Humidititties?
  • 10
    I was fired from my job at the sperm bank forsaying "Get a load of this guy" everytime someone walked in
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  • 11
    Text - Discovered our office cleaning lady is smoking weed. She's a high maintenance woman. 7/0
  • 12
    twitter post selfie son and mother 69 today!! Love ya Mum Texas Toon @Texas_Toon IREALLY hope it's her birthday...
  • 13
    New GARNIER Ultimate Blends HAND RESTORING CREAM Maybe this will work? man with cream on wrist stump where hand has been amputated
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    Pliers in a packet saying Patent Pending Brevet en Instance Patente Pendiente Beadalon MULTIPLIERS TM ALL-IN-ONE CHAIN NOSE & ROUND NOSE PLIERS PINCES A BEC ROND ET PINCES À CHAINE TOUT EN UN PINZAS MEDIACANA DE PUNTA REDONDA Y PINZAS MEDIACANA CURVAS TODO EN UNO BBeadalon ecause two head re better than one Deux têtes valent mieux qu'une! Dos cabezas valen más que una!
  • 16
    car half submerged in pond KIA no car just pond NOKIA
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  • 17
    picture spaghetti with toy cars and banana Spaghetti Carbanana Never text me again Delivered
  • 18
    3d model of molecules broken I was in chemistry class when my water broke
  • 19
    picture of man alone and two sylvester stallones together SYLVESTER STALLONE FLAUN ph JN planet hollyw lgwood MB SYLVESTER STOGETHER
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  • 20
    twitter [Argument at family dinner] Wife: "Whispers to me* Don't start taking sides this time. Me: Why not? *sliding roast potatoes in pocket* They're too busy yelling to notice.
  • 21
    keanu reeves and blonde actor Bruh do you think the ocean is salty because the land never waves back?
  • 22
    paint stripper with dollar bills under them This was at Home Depot. I just love that kind of humor. Klean Strip Klean Strip Kiean Strip SM SipperStrippe PREMIUM pper Stripper STONGEST PASTE 15 METWT $6 58 Kiean Strip Boiled Linseed Oil tEAEIs
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    man holding three beer bottles next to each other I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE Two Fingers inCider BUSCH
  • 24
    Text - I wanted to make a fishing joke. But none of them were reel-ly good Jokey McJokeface
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    Comics boy in bedroom monster energy drink under bed- DAD! THERE IS A MONSTER UNDER MY BED! @MemesAfterAHardDay 1NSTE CNERGY
  • 27
    woman on couch and man drawing fish Honey, can you draw me a bath? Okay erst k terstor


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