I Don't Know Why This Video of a "Skateboard Teeter Totter Nut Shot" Exists or What The Filmmakers Were Trying to Accomplish, But I Do Know That I Love It

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When evaluating the cinema, one must rid themselves of the director's intent. The intentional falacy is the theory that, ultimately, when an artist releases their work into the world, their intention is no longer open for consideration. The work now belongs to the audience. 

As for the video "Skateboard Teeter Totter Nutshot," one must keep the ideas brought forth by literary theorists W.K. Wimsatt, Jr. and Monroe C. Beardsley close at hand. The viewer cannot judge the actions of the participants with the director's ideas in mind. To create a fully-formed opinion of why a skateboarder would jump off a latter onto crudely made teeter totter above which a large man stood one must ignore the author's original intention. For instance, why put a fluorescent light bulb on the teeter totter so when the wood came into contact with the large man's groin, the bulb would explode? These are questions you must answer. 

But if we had to guess, the director probably thought this would be funny. They're assumptions were correct. 

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