Future President Interupts Weather Report to Fart on Meterologist

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Ladies and gentleman, the future President of the United States.

Everyone loves a good news blooper and everyone loves a good fart, so how could you not win with this video. So when this rambunctious youngster beaming with potential decided to spice up this weather report with a spicy little fart, he wasn't just doing it for his own amusement, he was doing it for all of us. 

"Are you sure? Are you crazy sure?" the future leader of the free world asks the smug meteorologist about his report before farting right on his leg.

No, the future commander-in-chief is not buying it. The president of the future responded by farting on the weatherman and reminding him of the plight of the American farmer.

"Ca ca!" he screamed before the weatherman could answer. "Remember there are farms everywhere and toots."

Yes, there are farms and toots everywhere, future Mr. President, and because of that, you have my vote.

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