Jimmy Kimmel Has Thrown Himself Into This Pineapple Pizza Debate and He's Wrong

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Despite what many people will tell you, this is still America, and one of the basic principles of the constitution is the right to put whatever the hell you want on a pizza without shame... least of all something as delicious as pineapple. Pineapple on pizza rocks, nerds. 

Now this has nothing to do with where you can dunk pizza, which is nowhere. Dunking your pizza in milk is a war crime. Sorry, gross jerks of the world. 

On his show last night, Jimmy Kimmel didn't even ask people on the street what they thought, he just gave his own opinion, which was "once you turn 15, stop drinking milk altogether. People who dip pizza in milk, these are the people we should be deporting, leave the Mexicans alone."  

And so continues the constitutional crisis of our time...

via eekandmisandry

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