Pastry of the Day: Get Han Solo Encased in Your Breakfast Pop Tart

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Han Solo is trapped in your pop tart. It's just a shame you can't eat him.
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Falcontoys believes that your breakfast needs more intergalactic imprisonment.

To this end they've encased Han Solo in Pop Tarts, rather than the traditional carbonite, which is the preferred containment method employed by bounty hunters across the galaxy.

You can see the website here where Falcon Toys sold them, but there are a few pieces of bad news.

This resin toaster pastry closely resembles a POPular breakfast treat but I assure it doesn't taste like one.

Each non-articulated figure is carded in a re-sealable Falcontoys clamshell. The Frosted Han Solo (in)action figure is cast in resin and hand painted.

As hinted at there, the first piece of bad news is that this is resin. So you can't eat it.

Not sure why you would want to devour your captive instead of claiming the reward from the person who posted the bounty. Also not sure why Falcontoys makes it seem like you can eat it with pictures like this:

But hey.

The second piece of bad news is that all the darned things are sold out and there's no word on whether they will do another run of the cool, inedible things.

So if you want one, you'll have to secure a bounty, prepare the frosting to set quickly and trap the person your own damn self.

There's at least one official on Bespin who would be open to working with a more nefarious force.

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