John Oliver Destroyed the GOP Obamacare Replacement Last Night and, I'm Sorry, But Getting Roasted to Shit Isn't Covered Under Your Policy

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Let's put "Don't Get Sick" on the dollar bill because it's about to become the national motto.

Now, no one really thinks Obamacare's perfect, even the people benefitting from it the most. So when Trump and the GOP campaigned on making this thing better, promising better coverage and lower prices, people took them at their word. 

Why? Who knows. Anyone could've predicted what would happen: Higher prices for the sick, elderly, and poor; tax cuts for the rich. So you'll never believe it, but that's exactly what happened. 

Paul Ryan's wet dream is out, and, surprise, it's great for the rich and awful for everyone else. But don't take my word for it. John Oliver tore this thing a new one on Last Week Tonight, breaking down just how bad this will be for just about everyone except a couple millionaires. 

So enjoy a laugh at the health coverage we're all about to lose.

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