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Is This Image of Mike Pence and Family 2 Spoopy For the Internet?

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    Text - Mike Pence @mike_pence Busy weekend in NY! Enjoying a quick dinner with the family at @Chilis. Looking forward to getting back to Indiana. CHILIN OPIN FOR RETWEETS LIKES 2,096 5,277 1:14 PM - 16 Jul 2016 t3 2.1K 5.3K Assemblage 23 @Assemblage_23 @mike_pence @Chilis - Where is the reflection of the woman in white? Does Chili's cause people to become vampires?! RETWEETS LIKES 7 43 11:49 PM-16 Jul 2016 43 Eli's evil twin @beastcoasthippy @mike_pence @Chilis WHERE IS THAT GIRLS REFLECTION RET
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    Others just wanted to rip Pence for his dinning choice:

    Text - Kevin Bianchi @thekevb Dang. Trump made you go to Chili's? He could have at least hooked you all up with a taco bowl from Trump Tower. LIKES RETWEETS VOTE 10 10 8:21 PM-16 Jul 2016 t구 10 10 David Catanese @davecatanese You're in the world's dining capital and chose Chilis. What should we read into this about your judgement? RETWEETS LIKES 40 86 4:15 PM-16 Jul 2016 t구 40 86 Ted Perry @TheTed ito rial Jul 16 "@mike_pence: Enjoying a quick dinner with the family at @Chilis. " it's the food v
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    Some of the Internet knew it reminded them of a particular show:

    Product - back on vacation Follow @tom_hart Reminds me of #theoffice @mike_pence @Chilis Captared Captions com My favorite New York pizza joint I'm gonna go get me a New York slice RETWEETS LIKES 33 2:27 PM-16 Jul 2016 t22 33 22
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